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Need a restaurant cleaning checklist for boosting sales? Yes, a restaurant deep cleaning might just be what you need to get customers to come in. Start with a kitchen cleaning checklist for your restaurant cleaning schedule. Then, have a restaurant pressure washing service done to clean your business inside and out. There’s nothing like a sparkling clean restaurant to drive diners in!


Restaurant Cleaning Checklist to Increase Sales

Having a successful restaurant or bar can be an excellent investment for your portfolio. That said, there are many hidden expenses in properly operating a bar or restaurant. Include this in your budget planning to be sure the investment is worthwhile. Are you considering investing in a bar or restaurant? Or are you trying to update your existing operations at your restaurant or bar? If so, take the time to review the information about essential regular cleaning services below: 


1. Pressure Wash Restaurant Walls, Interior, and Exterior

Pressure washing is something that is great for both the interior and exterior of your bar or restaurant. It is vital that your restaurant always appears to be spotless. The walls, both inside and out, must be clean to attract customers to eat at your restaurant. If your walls look dirty, many skeptical customers will decide to not eat at your restaurant.

Be sure that you have regularly scheduled pressure washing for your restaurant or bar. It is usually best to have the services completed quarterly. That way, excess dirt and stains do not build up to the point that your customers will notice.

Pressure washing will also increase the value of your commercial real estate. So that if you do decide to sell your bar or restaurant in the future, you could have a substantial potential return on your investment.


2. Have Your Windows Professionally Cleaned

woman cleaning shop window | restaurant deep cleaning Window cleaning is something that greatly contributes to the ambiance of your bar or restaurant. Customers want to always see a clean space. If your bar or restaurant is located in a place where there is a great deal of rain, it is wise that you clean your windows frequently.

Make sure to get rid of all wet marks or streaks. Purchasing window cleaning can be less expensive in packages, and if you schedule in advance, it is highly likely that you will save a great deal of capital on your window cleaning.


3. Do a General Cleaning

If you own a bar or restaurant, your space needs to be cleaned by your staff constantly. Even though your staff will have the expectation of cleaning regularly, it can be beneficial to bring in a professional team at least weekly to get to the difficult to reach areas and to ensure that your space is passing local health codes.

There are times where inspections will happen randomly and if your bar or restaurant does not pass, it could cause your business to close and suffer a great loss in reputation. Be sure to consider what kind of general cleaning services your bar or restaurant will require so that you leave enough room in your budget to keep your bar or restaurant spotless.


4. Implement Regular and Frequent Dumpster Waste Removal

huge garbage piles next to the dumpster and stacks of litter bags overflow trash cans | kitchen cleaning checklist Food establishments attract pests. You need to get rid of those pests, ideally before the business opens to the general public.

You need to consider how to remove waste from your bar or restaurant. Decide how frequently waste should be removed. The frequency depends on the volume of customers that your business serves.

If you do not have your trash removed regularly, it will lead to a rodent or insect infestation. Make sure that your staff is removing trash frequently and that the complex where your bar or restaurant is located has a proper dumpster waste removal schedule.

If you own your own commercial space where your bar or restaurant is located, then it is wise to consider your own dumpster waste removal schedule in order to be sure that your waste is being removed promptly and effectively. Failure to do so can lead to pest infestations that may cause you to lose customers or your permits to stay in business. Waste removal needs to be one of your top priorities to ensure your restaurant or bar is safe for your customers to enjoy on a regular basis.


5. Thoroughly Clean Loading Areas

Depending on what kind of food or beverages you are selling at your bar or restaurant, you are going to need to receive shipments from your distributors. Your loading area needs to be cleaned and organized to ensure that perishable food items are stored properly.

If your area is messy and you are unable to distinguish which shipments need to be opened instantly, it could lead to some of your food spoiling. Make sure to establish protocols for your staff to always have your loading area clean and hire outside help if needed to keep this space organized and constantly in motion.


6. Have Your Outdoor Patio Professionally Cleaned

table setting at casual outdoor restaurant | restaurant cleaning schedule Depending on whether your bar or restaurant has an outdoor patio or terrace, it is an additional cost that will need to be calculated into your budget.

Outdoor patios need to be power washed. They also need to be checked for any potential repair issues. Furniture have to be locked up to be protected from weather or theft. Consider carefully the design of your bar or restaurant and assess which cleaning services that your outdoor area will need.

By planning these services in advance, you will be able to find bulk savings opportunities and know how much capital you will need to maintain your outdoor areas. Bar and restaurant owners that see their outdoor terrace as profitable will be able to transform this area into another incredible source of revenue for their bar or restaurant to obtain additional capital in the short and long-term.


Your Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

To sum it all up, here are the areas you need to pay attention to.

  • Have you pressure washed your restaurant walls, interior, and exterior, recently?
  • Are your windows professionally cleaned recently?
  • Did you do a general cleaning recently?
  • Do you have a schedule for regular dumpster waste removal set up?
  • Are you cleaning your loading areas thoroughly?
  • Have you power washed your outdoor patio?


Let Washh Help You Complete Your Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

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