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Maintaining your commercial shopping center should be one of your top priorities as a property owner. Commercial shopping centers need to be clean and well-maintained. This is because shoppers need to enjoy the aesthetics of the property. Tenants also need to have a functioning space to serve their clients. If you are considering how to properly maintain a commercial shopping center, then it is important to review the tips listed below:


Have a System in Place for Your Tenants to Follow

As a landlord of a commercial shopping center, the first step is to have a place where your tenants can request required work orders. Depending on the terms of the lease, there will be certain services that you will offer to them. By having an organized work order system in place, tenants can make requests. Plus, your team will be able to resolve required maintenance issues promptly. These efforts will make a better impression on the customers of your tenants. At the same time, it can increase their satisfaction with your commercial shopping center.


1. Maintain the Exterior of Your Commercial Shopping Center

shopping mall exterior | maintain commercial shopping centerRegardless of what kind of material you have on the exterior structure of your shopping center, it always needs to look clean. Power washing is a great way to get dust and debris off of the exterior structure of your commercial shopping center. Make sure that you have regularly scheduled power washing rotations so that the customers entering your commercial center will have a positive first impression.


2. Invest in Regular Window Cleanings

Window cleanings are important, particularly if your commercial shopping center is located in a locale that has regular rain. Usually, it is best to organize your window cleanings to be at least four times per year. If you fail to do so, it will cause you to have spot marks on the windows, which can give the impression that your commercial shopping center is not well-maintained.


3. Regularly Inspect Your Parking Structure or Parking Lot

tight coloured finished car rows on parking area with modern lighting on sunny summer day vertical upper view | maintain commercial shopping centerThe parking lot of your commercial shopping center needs to always be clean. The paint needs to be fresh on your parking spaces and all trash needs to be picked up daily. If you have a parking structure or a parking lot, the lighting needs to be regularly checked as well for better safety. Make sure that your speed bumps do not need to be replaced as well. Remember that the parking lot or parking structure is one of the first impressions that the customers of your commercial shopping center will see.


4. Have a Trash Removal Strategy

Having a trash removal strategy is important for your larger dumpsters on the property of your commercial shopping center. The tenants will put their waste in the dumpsters, and they need to be coordinated to be moved to avoid excessive odors or attracting unwanted pests. If there are food vendors in your commercial shopping center, the trash removal strategy becomes even more important than before since food has a tendency to spoil quickly.


5. Inspect Loading Areas Periodically

Loading areas will see a great deal of traffic since your tenants will regularly receive inventory there. It is wise for you to regularly inspect loading areas to ensure that they are functioning at their best possible capacity. Failure to do so will slow down when your tenants can receive their inventory.


6. Have Scheduled Pest Inspections

Pests are an issue that can arise in commercial shopping centers because, many times, the property owner is not always present to ensure protocols are being followed. It is imperative to have scheduled pest inspections to avoid an infestation. If shoppers see a rodent in the food court of your shopping center, for example, it will cause a very negative impression on your commercial shopping center along with potential issues with local governing bodies.


7. Be Prepared for Vandalism Removal

graffiti artist in a gray hoodie looks at the wall with his graffiti in pink and green colors on a wall | maintain commercial shopping centerDepending on the area where your commercial shopping center is located, it is possible that you will experience vandalism. If your commercial shopping center has been vandalized, it is wise to report the incident to the police and then work to immediately remove the messages if they are offensive. Your shoppers and tenants will not want offensive messages on your commercial shopping center at any point in time.


8. Plan Paint Touch Ups When Required

Paint touch-ups can be required as your commercial shopping center gets more traffic. If there are scuffs on the interior or exterior walls, plan to have regular touch-up inspections. Parking spaces or paint on the cement may need to be touched up as more cars drive on them or they have more sunlight exposure. The more often you look for paint touch-ups, the sooner you will be able to find potential issues that could become more costly later on.


9. Use Eco-Friendly Products

When conducting cleaning services to any part of your commercial shopping center, it is always better to use eco-friendly products. Typically, these products are also healthier to be in the presence of your tenants and shoppers. Eco-friendly products can also be a major selling point to prospective tenants who may be wondering what kind of cleaning products you utilize in your commercial shopping center.


Put yourself in the shoes of customers. Do you want to shop and eat at an establishment that is not cleaned and well-maintained? You went there to unwind, only to end up feeling stressed out with what you see. It’s definitely not good for any business. If you need help maintaining a commercial shopping center you own or manage, just give Washh a call.