Commercial Pressure Washing window cleaning services

Commercial window cleaning services may not seem important, but it is actually more essential than you think. Poorly maintained windows can lead to unnecessary costs, unsatisfied customers, and bigger problems down the road.


The Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning Services

Cleaning your windows is both time-consuming and inconvenient, which is why many commercial property owners skip it completely. After all, in the grand scheme of things, window cleaning may not seem as urgent as other aspects of property maintenance. This cannot be more untrue, though. Here are eight reasons why you should hire professional window cleaning services:


1. Up the Appeal of Your Commercial Property

Commercial Property | window cleaning services Windows are exposed to the elements all the time, which can lead to the accumulation of dirt and grime. These things can bring down the appeal of your commercial property both from the outside and the inside.

Clean windows are a sign of professionalism and proper maintenance. Customers looking from the outside aren’t going to want to enter your commercial property if they can’t even see what’s inside. Dirty windows also give the wrong impression of your business.


2. Extends the Lifespan

Nature, while beautiful and majestic, can also be harsh and damaging. Environmental elements such as hard water and acid rain can really inflict damage on your windows. Dirt and grime build-up can also cause your windows to rapidly deteriorate. But, with proper and regular cleaning, your windows will be able to withstand these elements for much longer. Ward away corrosion and, in the process, you can prolong the lifespan of your windows and save money, to boot.


3. Helps With Energy Efficiency

During the cold season, windows act as agents of warmth, allowing the sunlight to enter your commercial property and keep everyone warm. But, when dirt and grime are present, this can hinder your windows’ ability to let the sun in. Damaged window frames can also give rise to condensation or fogging as well as air leaks. This will force your heating system to work more.

By cleaning your windows, though, your heating system won’t have to exert itself more than it has to. As a result, you can be more energy-efficient and reduce your energy bills at the same time.


4. More Comfortable

A gloomy space not only discourages productivity but can also affect mood. When your windows are covered in dirt, fingerprints, and smudges, it can cause distractions. With no sunlight filtering in through your dirty windows, both employees and customers will feel dispirited. Clean windows, though, can enhance the overall mood in your commercial property as well as provide a comfortable space for everyone.


5. More Effective

window cleaning equipment | window cleaning Cleaning windows is not as easy as simply wiping down the glass with a wet cloth. This is why professional services are often needed.

Professionals have access to the right window cleaning equipment such as pressure washers that can achieve a more polished look. Pressure washing windows is also a more effective way to clean off dirt, grime, and other debris, especially if you have allowed these things to fester for a long time.

Professionals also know which cleaning products work best with the type of windows you have. Not all windows are made equal. And materials such as glass, plastic, metal, and rubber all call for their own methods and solutions. Since professionals have more experience and expertise, they will also commit fewer mistakes. Even the smallest of errors like scraping too hard or using the wrong cloth can damage your windows.


6. Faster

Why spend endless afternoons trying to remove stubborn filth from your windows using a cocktail of cleaning products when experts can do it in no time at all? Professionals are just faster window cleaners because they already know what to do and how to do it. Because they can complete the job in just a few hours or less, it also ensures minimal disruption to your business.


7. Safer

It is infinitely safer to hire professionals to clean your windows than to do it yourself. Pressure washers, for instance, can be dangerous when left in the hands of an amateur. And then there are also high windows that require ladders to reach. A single misstep or the slightest imbalance can cause you to fall and injure yourself. Not only that, but ladders can also scrape window frames and cause damage. If you want to avoid accidents and unintentional damage, it is best to use professional window cleaning services.


8. Pinpoint Problem Areas Early

Professional window cleaners can identify potential issues early on and prevent them from worsening. This will help you extend the lifespan of your windows as well as save money on future costly repairs.


Common Problems With Windows

There are a number of different problems windows can face. Here are just a few of the most common ones and how a professional window cleaner can help solve them.

  • Common Problems With Windows | commercial window cleaning Dust, dirt, and grime. This is a no-brainer. Dust, dirt, and grime can build up anywhere, and windows are no exception. But, wiping down these contaminants with the wrong kind of cloth can scrape the glass. Professionals, though, know which cloth, pressure level, and cleaning product to use.
  • Mold and mildew. Windows are subject to moisture, which can invite the growth of mold and mildew. Apart from being a health hazard, these growths can give your windows a shabby appearance. Luckily, professionals know which chemicals and equipment to use to get rid of any type of mold and mildew.
  • Oil and grease. When windows are close to the kitchen, they can experience oil and grease accumulation. While it is more or less simple to clean these off of glass, other materials such as plastic and metal are harder to handle. Professionals, though, can use power washers and cleaning products to remove oil and grease, making your windows look brand new.
  • Rust. Windows with metal frames can rust over time. But, a pressure washing machine, coupled with the right cleaning products, can get rid of rust easily.
  • Discoloration. Moisture can cause discoloration on windows and give them a dated look. With the help of professionals, you can restore your windows back to their original transparency and even prevent them from discoloring in the future.


Professional Window Cleaning Services Cost

The cost of professional window cleaning really depends on a few factors — the number of windows to clean, the condition of your windows, and the company you choose. Obviously, the larger the scope of the job, the more it will cost. Some problems, like discoloration and mold, will also require special attention. On average, though, window cleaning services can cost anywhere between $75 to $450.


Call In the Experts

Commercial properties require constant care and maintenance, and window cleaning is a big part of that. Considering how windows can affect the appearance of your property and the mood of those inside it, you would be wise to dedicate a substantial amount of time and energy towards cleaning them. And, as with many things, window cleaning is best left to professionals.

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