Commercial Pressure Washing commercial patio pressure washing

Outdoor patios often take a beating from mother nature. As such, it is important to regularly clean this space to avoid a wealth of problems down the road. This is where commercial patio pressure washing comes in.


The Benefits of Commercial Patio Pressure Washing

Patios give establishments a beautiful extended space where customers can rest and enjoy. Time and the elements, though, can have a negative impact on patios. With the help of commercial patio pressure washing, you can restore patios to near-mint condition. Still not convinced? Here are the benefits of pressure washing your commercial patio.


1. More Appealing

One of the most obvious benefits of commercial patio pressure washing has to do with appearance. Most of the establishments that have outdoor patios are restaurants, bars, and cafes — places where customers can enjoy al fresco dining. And no one wants to eat or drink in a place that looks dirty and dilapidated.

When your outdoor patio is home to all sorts of dirt, grime, and mold, it gives customers the wrong impression. After all, how can customers feel comfortable eating in a restaurant that doesn’t care about cleanliness? It takes more than just a beautifully decorated patio to lure customers in.


2. Promotes Health and Safety

Health is a big issue in the hospitality industry. Customers who get sick after eating at a restaurant or cafe are likely never to return. Worse yet, some even pursue legal action.

While patio cleanliness might not directly correlate with food preparation, customers can just as easily feel sick because of their surroundings. Mold and mildew, for example, are known to have several adverse health effects.

In addition to health protection, commercial patio pressure washing also promotes safety. Patios can accumulate large amounts of algae, moss, and mud, which are known to be very slippery. Customers and employees can slip and hurt themselves, which can again lead to lawsuits.


3. Saves Time

Pressure washing is a time-efficient method of deep cleaning. Instead of spending an entire weekend scrubbing down your patio, hire a professional to pressure wash it in a single afternoon. This is not only quicker, but it also allows for minimal interruptions to your business.


4. Saves Labor

Manually washing your patio takes manpower — and lots of it, depending on the size. And, frankly, it is a waste of resources to assign three or four employees to a single task. Moreover, cleaning commercial patios tends to be labor-intensive. It requires more work and energy, resulting in tired and unproductive workers.


5. Saves Money

Patios take damage over the years. That is just the reality of time and the effects of natural elements. Water, hot temperatures, and pollutants can all take a toll on your outdoor patio, no matter the material it is made of.

Regular pressure washing, though, helps keep your patio in good shape. Getting rid of harmful contaminants is a good way to prevent damage and costly repairs. And, as many owners know, the cost of replacements and repairs is infinitely more expensive than the cost of cleaning. This saves your business more money in the long run.


6. Extends the Lifespan of Your Patio

commercial patio cleaning Your patio is a significant part of your investment. It is an asset to your business, so you naturally want to protect it. Unfortunately, damaged patios are more likely to fall apart sooner. Neglecting to care for your patio, which includes cleaning it, can drastically reduce its lifespan.

If you value your business as a whole, then you should dedicate a portion of your budget to patio cleaning and maintenance. Spend money on pressure washing to prolong its life cycle and make the most out of your investment.


7. Friendlier to the Environment

If you want an eco-friendly solution to patio care, pressure washing is the way to go. This method of cleaning does not make use of toxic chemicals or products. Some jobs don’t even require detergents because the force of the water is enough to displace dirt and grime. Plus, compared to traditional cleaning methods, pressure washing uses significantly less water. Hence, it is more eco-friendly.


Afraid of Damage from Pressure Washing? Don’t Be!

A lot of business owners avoid pressure washing their patios because of the damages associated with the method. But, this is a common misconception.

In truth, chemical cleaning products actually do more damage to patio materials than pressure washers do. You can also adjust the pressure level of the water as well as the size of the nozzle for a softer impact. Some materials call for lower strength, while others can withstand great amounts of pressure.


How Often to Get Commercial Patio Cleaning

It is generally best to schedule routine pressure washing for patios and other exterior surfaces. Most establishments will benefit from pressure washing at least twice a year, but more frequent cleanings are necessary for businesses with higher foot traffic. Your location also plays a role in this, as establishments in more industrial areas experience more dust and debris buildup.

The changing seasons can also dictate how often you need to pressure wash your patio. The spring and summer seasons see a lot of pollen flying around, which can affect the health of customers and workers. Your patio can collect piles of leaves and dirt during the fall, while the winter season brings harsh weather conditions that can damage patio materials.

It is also a good idea to pressure wash your patio after major storms. Storms bring a lot of mud, foliage, grime, and other debris to patios. Aside from being hazards to health and safety, these things can also drag down the patio’s appeal as well as cause long-term damage.


Why Call on the Professionals?

The help of a professional pressure washing company is essential to keeping your patio looking great. Professionals have more experience and know exactly how to deal with different kinds of patios. Thus, they can complete the job in less time and with minimal to no damage. Additionally, they have access to the proper equipment and cleaning products.

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