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Power washing is a fast and efficient way to clean everything from concrete to vinyl siding. It is also a good way to do a lot of damage to your home very quickly. To avoid any problems, it’s important to make sure the job is done right and pressure wash your house only as often as it needs it. In this guide, let’s take a look at the things owners need to factor in when deciding the best time to pressure wash your house.


How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your House?

Power washing and pressure washing are almost the same cleaning process, except that power washing uses heated water. There are situations when power washing certain areas of your house is more effective.

So, what’s the best time to power wash houses? If you have your own pressure washing equipment that you use, the manufacturer will likely supply a guide on when to pressure wash houses. In most of these guides, the experts would recommend a fixed schedule on when to power wash a house. These guides would often recommend once a year or once every two years as a rough estimate on how often should you power wash your house.

You can easily get hooked on the sight of the pressure wash stream cutting through accumulated dirt and grime. You also need to think about the possible damage when you pressure wash your house too much.

Different houses get dirty at different rates. It depends on a few factors, such as the weather you’re having, the type of climate in your area, pollution, and other external factors. How often should you pressure wash your house depends on the type and condition of its finish, as well. The type and make of sidings installed, the condition of its paint, and the type of roof you have all contribute to how often you need to power wash a house.


Deciding How Often

man thinking while one hand is on chin | how often should you pressure wash your house Advice on how often to pressure wash a house varies pretty widely. The most common advice is to have your house cleaned at least once a year, while some sources will advocate for far more frequent cleanings.

As a pressure washing company, we might want to say “you should clean your house as often as you can afford to,” but the truth is, most houses are fine going a very long time without cleaning.

Modern paint, siding, and roofing materials are very good at resisting dirt, mold, and algae. These materials were designed to protect houses, after all, and therefore do a good job standing up to the elements.

The simplest answer for most homeowners on how frequently they should clean their property is basically “when it needs it.” How you determine when your home needs cleaned, then, depends on a few factors.


When Is The Best Time

1. Account for the Local Climate

Temperature, humidity, and local flora are all contributors to how dirty your home will get. Therefore, they are also important indicators of how often it should be cleaned. Algae and mildew love warm, moist, and shady environments, so homeowners in the Charlotte area should be on the lookout before they become a problem.


2. Account for Local Conditions

Pollution is a common factor that comes into play when your house gets dirty quickly. If you live near an area that gets moderate to high vehicle traffic, then you may need to power wash your house more often.


3. Conditions That Can Affect the Health and Wellness of Your Family

laughing happy family of four | best time to power wash house The kinds of mold and algae common on the exterior of homes can be serious hazards. Should they ever make the jump inside, the spores they produce can be extremely dangerous for anyone with respiratory illnesses like asthma. If this is true of you or your family, you should be especially vigilant about keeping your home clean.


4. When You Have Exterior Projects Planned

Paint adheres best when applied to clean, dry surfaces. For this reason, if you have any planned renovations or other major projects coming up, it’s a good idea to get your house cleaned first.


5. When You Plan to Sell Your Home

Power washing your house is a good idea to make it look newer and more presentable for its new owners. It could also help you land a more attractive offer as well.


6. When You Want to Improve the Appearance of Your Property

Finally, but perhaps obviously, a clean house just looks better. If you feel your home just isn’t looking up to par, or maybe you’ve gotten some complaints from neighbors or your HOA, don’t hesitate to get it cleaned!


Why You Should Power Wash a House?

top view of a man pressure washing concrete surface | best time to pressure wash house There are many benefits to regular power cleaning. Chief among them is keeping your home looking great and enhancing curb appeal. For many homeowners, this isn’t just about making your property look good.

If you live in a community with a homeowners association, there are certain rules you must follow. Most people know that they shouldn’t leave their garbage cans out all week long and need to cut their grass regularly.

Few realize that their roof and siding may be regulated by HOA covenants, as well. Dark streaks on roofs and green siding caused by mold and mildew are unsightly. Therefore, they’re common targets of HOA violations. Luckily, they are also easily remedied by pressure cleaning with a mild bleach solution.

Power washing can also be considered preventive maintenance for your home. The same mold, algae, and mildew that makes homes look bad can also be doing serious damage. Issues like wood rot and water damage are extremely common in unkempt homes. It is definitely worth dealing with these sorts of issues while they are still cosmetic. Fix them long before they start doing real damage.


Pressure Wash Your House in Charlotte, NC

Are you thinking it’s about time to pressure wash your house? Whether you are cleaning your home to avoid potential problems down the road or just because you feel like it’s time, we are here to help. Local pressure washing services like ours in Charlotte, NC know what’s best for our commercial and residential clients alike given the local conditions. Like to know more? Give Washh a call 704.321.8000 or contact us online, we’d love to hear from you!