Residential Pressure Washing pressure wash a deck

Let’s face it—cleaning your patio and deck can be quite a hassle. Because of their size and their constant exposure to the outdoor elements, pressure washing a deck is just about the fastest way to do it. The same goes for pressure washing the patio. There are different approaches and washer settings used to pressure wash the patio versus the way to pressure wash decks. You also have the option to pressure wash a wood deck, or resort to power washing decks – each approach has its place.


How to Pressure Wash a Deck or Patio

Patios and decks are generally made of wood or cement and can usually be cleaned using the same techniques—hand or pressure washing. Washh recommends that you go with the pressure washing method because it is quicker and easier. For tougher stains, you may need to resort to calling professionals who know how to power wash a deck with just the right nozzle and temperature settings.

When it comes to your deck or patio investment, it pays to get the job done by pros. You can see our advice featured on


Pressure Washing Safety Protocols

top view of a worker cleaning the street sidewalk with high pressure water jet | pressure wash the patioWhen you conduct the pressure washing method, make sure that you comply with the following safety protocols:

  • To ensure that your eyes are protected, wear safety goggles. When you pressure wash, small pieces of debris like pebbles and sticks can fly into the air and hit you in sensitive areas, like the eyes. Keep your eyes safe, and wear goggles as a preventative measure.
  • Safeguard your home by placing plastic sheeting or trash bags over sensitive areas of your home, such as windows or doors. In addition to covering your eyes, you need to protect your home from damage, especially if it is near your deck or patio.
  • Keep your pressure washer at an appropriate pressure level. If your washer has too much pressure, it can potentially damage your surfaces—you certainly don’t want to crack or dent your patio or deck surface. For the best results, contact a professional. They will get the job done right, without damaging your surfaces.


5 Steps to Pressure Wash a Deck or Patio

To safely and successfully pressure wash your patio and deck, follow these five recommended steps:


1. Plan and Be Prepared

hand writing inscription Be prepared with marker | pressure wash a wood deckMake sure that you plan when you decide to tackle this project. You don’t want to go into the task unprepared. It is important to know what you are getting yourself into, and that you follow all recommended safety precautions. If you are inexperienced or unprepared for the pressure washing task, have a professional crew get the job done for you.

For wooden decks, plan to have the equipment you need to pressure wash a deck safely. Most experts recommend having a pressure washer nozzle with a rotating tip. A nozzle with a wide fan tip is also a good alternative.

Pressure washing can impart enough force to etch even brick, so pick just the right pressure for your wooden deck. The same goes for your brick and concrete patio, too. Use the lowest possible pressure that still gets the job done. If possible, test your pressure washing settings on an area that people won’t see.

Also, consider if a power wash is the better option for your deck or patio. Power wash uses hot water to lift stains, so you don’t need as much detergent. Do note that not all surfaces are safe to power wash.


2. Move Furniture and Other Items

Before you start pressure washing your patio or deck, you need to move all furniture and items, such as chairs, tables, fire pits, etc. out of the way. This allows you space and access to properly wash your surfaces. Plus, pressure washers can be damaging to patio and deck furniture, so make sure to take the necessary precautions to take care of your belongings by moving them far from the areas you plan on washing.


3. Sweep Away All Debris

Your patio and deck are exposed to mother nature year-round—snow, rain, sleet, wind, you name it. Over time, sticks, leaves, debris, and contaminants will build upon your surfaces. Before pressure washing, make sure you clear all debris off your surfaces. This allows you the proper space and access to execute a quality wash.


4. Start Pressure Washing or Power Washing

woman washing wooden terrace with high pressure water | pressure wash a wood deckOnce you sweep away all debris and move all furniture, it is time to execute the pressure washing. When you pressure wash you will want to use a cleaner, especially if you are cleaning surfaces with tough-to-reach stains. Remember that it is important to focus on removing dirt and grime from the grains and cracks of your surface—contaminants will build up and degrade these areas over time if you don’t follow proper washing methods.

When pressure washing wooden patios, remember to spray along the grain, not across it. Doing so decreases the chance that the water jet can cause splinters.


5. Carefully Rinse All Soap and Detergent Residue

pressure washing wooden deck close up | how to power wash a deckAfter you finish your pressure washing, make sure to rinse your surfaces. It’s very important to rinse after pressure washing with soap. Any soap residue left on your patio or deck will dry and become sticky, and attract more dirt and grime. This will reverse the results of your pressure washing efforts, so make sure to thoroughly rinse away all soap from the surfaces. Once you complete this step, let the deck or patio dry for a while.

While we’re on the subject of cleaning up, remember that outdoor items like wooden decks may need a little bit more TLC. At least compared to brick and concrete patios, that is. Wooden decks may need to be sanded to smooth them down after they get wet from the pressure washing process.


Contact the Prosto Pressure Wash a Deck for the Best Results

If you are inexperienced or don’t want to take the time to clean your patio or deck on your own, let a professional do the job for you. Hiring a professional pressure washing company ensures that your surfaces get a high-quality and professional cleaning.

At Washh, our professionals know what they are doing. We can pressure wash away stains, graffiti, dirt, grime, and other contaminants, without damaging the surface. To learn more about the expert pressure washing services that Washh provides, give us a call for your free, no-obligation quote.